OnBuy partners with Hermes UK

UK online marketplace OnBuy.com has announced a partnership with Hermes UK to have its merchants’ parcels delivered using a known and trusted company.

OnBuy.com has been around since 2016 and now has 7,000 merchants offering more than 36 million products. It has recently had a £35 million Series A+ funding round and has developed a roadmap of developments as the marketplace targets global expansion.

The marketplace is working with Hermes UK to create a cohesive infrastructure to support its merchants and those customers. The integration on its platform will offer vendors with greater choice and convenience as to their shipping options.

Mark Lister, CCO of OnBuy said: “Working with a household name like Hermes will be pivotal as we continue to grow and lay down the gauntlet to the industry giants who currently dominate the field. Learnings from the last two years show that the sector will continue to grow, with demand increasing more than ever. At OnBuy it is vital that we can facilitate this demand with a seamless and trusted end to end service.”

Claire Phelan, head of e-commerce partnerships at Hermes UK, said: “There has been a significant upward trend in the volume of parcels entering the Hermes network from marketplaces such as OnBuy. The growth has been accelerated through the pandemic as a result of changing consumer shopping preferences and an increase in start-up businesses and merchants choosing to sell through marketplaces. We are making it easier, cheaper and more convenient for these businesses using marketplaces to access the Hermes services whilst helping them to save time and money.”

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