One in five Germans open to in-home delivery

A YouGov survey has shown that one in five (21%) Germans would consider in-home delivery should the option be available. However almost 2/3rds (65%) were skeptical about the offering.

The YouGov survey asked 1,682 German citizens aged 18 and over through a standardised questionnaire on the 20th December.

One may think that this could be down to people not trusting delivery staff but this doesn’t appear to be the case as those with the highest incomes seemed more interested than other cohorts. Some 31% of those with incomes of €3,000 a month and up were interested in in-home delivery. Men were more open to it than women, while younger generations were more open to the concept than older.

“Our survey shows that willingness to innovate, such as in-home delivery or other smart delivery methods, is inherent in certain audiences ,” said Philipp Schneider, Head of Marketing, YouGov. “In order to use or expand existing potential, it is important for CEP service providers to know their customers and their requirements in detail and to purposefully communicate the added value of smart services. In order to initiate or accelerate the penetration of necessary technologies for the use of the services by the end customer, such as smart door locks, for example, cooperation providers with manufacturers of smart home devices as well as premium service offers for users would be conceivable. ” (Translated from German with Google Translate).

In-home delivery is one of the newest buzzwords in the sector today with the growth in sales of front door smart locks that can theoretically be opened by anyone that is given permission through the operating software. There are lots of questions that need answering – a spate of thefts by delivery staff and a concurrent media frenzy could kill the idea stone dead for example…