One World Express to tackle cross border deliveries

Leipzig, Germany based One World Express Europe GmbH has begun operating in the mainland European market. Owned by UK based One World Express Group, it offers the UK company’s services and solutions to direct mailers, delivery companies and solution providers across continental Europe.

The new firm will work closely with its partners and solution providers in Europe, creating customised solutions for them.

New software, value added services and hardware have been developed by the One World Express Group, and are designed to provide customers will maximum flexibility when it comes to customisation and integration.

At present, online retailers face a range of barriers to cross border e-commerce both within Europe and worldwide. Barriers include costly access to labelling, elaborate integration into express and parcel, as well as courier software, a lack of end to end shipment tracking as well as significantly higher delivery rates than for national mailings.

One World Express Group has been grappling with these issues for the last 10 years. With its own shipment platform, global access to unrivalled delivery rates, free labelling and continuous tracking, One World Express is already a leading player in cross-border ecommerce in Asia and the UK.

“Developments in cross-border ecommerce in continental Europe lag around 11⁄2 to 2 years behind those in the UK. One World Express has established its European company in order to meet the strongly growing demand for solutions on the continent,” says Walter Trezek, Managing Director of One World Express Europe GmbH. “Figures from the key continental European markets – Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the BeNeLux countries – clearly underline this growth trend,” he adds, explaining the rationale behind the formation of the new continental European company.

“The One World Express group platform can already offer partners in Europe the widest possible range of options for sending commercial items according to the preferences of the recipient, paired with unmatched levels of transparency and a choice of over 200 CEP service providers,” explains Martin Füll, a director at One World Express Europe GmbH.

“The One World Express group is delighted to have engaged two respected industry leaders to manage our continental European activities”, says Atul Bhakta, CEO of the One World Express group. “Martin has more than 15 years’ experience in the European postal and parcel market, and Walter has been playing an instrumental role in shaping the fundamentals of the e-logistics market in Europe and worldwide for the last 2 decades,” he adds.