Optrack receives government funding for route optimisation

UK route optimisation software providers Optrack have received funding from Innovate UK to develop its Optrack Parcel SaaS platform. Optrack Parcel is a system designed to improve route efficiency on parcel delivery routes, reducing costs and carbon emissions.

The pandemic has both brought strong growth in demand for parcel deliveries and added complexities to operations. Carriers have responded by adding new staff and vehicles but in the eyes of Optrack, this doesn’t go far enough. The company has shown that using route optimisation software combined with driver experience it is possible to significantly reduce costs in deliveries.

Amongst other issues, the SaaS providers believe they can reduce mileage by 10%, impacting on costs and carbon emissions while reducing time between deliveries. They also say that it can improve accuracy of projected delivery windows, improving customer relations.

Tim Pigden, Managing Director, Optrak comments: “There has long been a belief that you must choose between route optimisation and making best use of driver knowledge. It’s a false choice. These new techniques show that you can use them together to obtain really efficient solutions that are sufficiently flexible to cope with volatile and peak demand.”