Overhaul – the uberization of trucking?

Overhaul has launched in the US – a new system of connecting owner operator truckers with customers that resembles Uber and could well change the trucking industry in the way Uber has taxis. It meets the needs of owner operator carriers and shippers moving higher value, sensitive cargo.

This connects the needs of premium shippers to trusted professional drivers and operators, eliminating the need to connect through third parties.

The company’s founders are experienced executives in logistics and security. “With Overhaul, trusted drivers can thrive in an environment they get to design for themselves. We provide a secure method for shippers to move cargo with recognized and trusted drivers at our foundation,” said Barry Conlon, CEO of Overhaul.

Conlon himself has over 30 years of experience working in supply chain security. He helped with the growth of FreightWatch as it went on to join the Fortune 500 entity of innovative,
supply chain security solutions known today and intends to do the same for Overhaul in the commercial transportation industry.

Overhaul with leverage its network of contacts to line up higher end shippers and trusted owner operators (representing 91% of the US transportation fleet) in advance of the online marketplace launch mid-year.

The system has advanced security and safety features, and its managed logistics services guarantee a secure move that should satisfy customers at that end of the market. It should result in increased visibility and security for time critical and sensitive cargo at a reduced cost for shippers.

This will allow two way relationships to form between customers and hauliers, while improving cash flow for the owner operators based on their performance criteria during their journeys.

The company will participate at South by South West Expo to inform industry leaders, investors and the public about its capabilities and how they are reinventing the transportation industry to positively impact drivers’ and shippers’ lives and businesses.

Overhaul is the next generation of the “uber for trucking” concept, launching in 2016 as the first trusted online marketplace for the Commercial Trucking Industry.

Overhaul will provide premium shippers unique visibility and full confidence their cargo is in reliable hands, while giving trusted, professional drivers the right tools to maximize capacity, increase earnings and grow their business.