Ozon to drop off parcels through Kazpost post offices

Russian e-commerce giant Ozon has agreed a partnership with Kazpost to drop off its parcels at Kazakhstan post offices as the online retailer expands its presence in the country.

The partnership has already begun, with more than 2,000 Kazpost post offices accepting parcel deliveries from Ozon. This is set to expand the number of out-of-home delivery points Ozon can use in Kazakhstan by 20 times its current reach. There are plans to extend the partnership to every post office in the country, and to use Kazpost postal delivery staff for final mile delivery.

The offer is free for the end customer though the minimum order is around KZT5,800 (£10). Customers choose their preferred post office at checkout when placing an order on the Ozon website or through its smartphone app.

“Our partnership with Kazpost will enable us to improve delivery terms for customers across the country in short order. Now customers from the most remote regions in the country can receive orders from Ozon within walking distance from their home. Further development of logistics will enable us to drastically reduce the time needed to deliver millions of Ozon marketplace items to Kazakhstan,” says Yegor Isaev, Head of International Business Development at Ozon.  

“We are taking into account how the world is changing as well as trends and customer preferences. The pandemic has increased the pace of processes that had already begun. E-commerce and online services in particular have grown exponentially. Kazpost, with its expansive infrastructure and well-built supply chains, is developing rapidly in this direction. In order to develop e-commerce and create convenient options for our customers, we are partnering with domestic and foreign e-commerce platforms. In this context, Kazpost is committed to a fruitful partnership with the largest marketplace [in Russia], Ozon,” said Kanat Alpysbayev, Chairman of the Management Board at Kazpost.  

Though Ozon sells similar goods to that of Amazon its delivery times are much slower – deliveries to central Kazakhstan will take five days on average.

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