P2P Group accesses Norway

International delivery factor company P2P Group has launched a new direct entry solution into Norway that includes a 3-5 day delivery commitment.

Retailers will be able to use the TRAK PAK service that has gone into partnership with Posten Norge’s Bring. In working with Bring, P@P can offer retailers very good access to Norway, through 1450 collection points and 1500 delivery routes into more remote areas of the country.

The new service is based on import arrangements between P@P, Posten Norge and the Norwegian Customs service. This overcomes the requirement for retailers to establish a business and fiscal representation within Norway. The issue of fiscal representation has been a barrier to accessing the Norwegian market for many UK retailers.

P2P said that it is “the only service provider that is able to access the extensive network in Norway in this way”.

Paul Galpin, Managing Director, P2P Mailing, commented: “We are delighted to offer retailers unprecedented access to this lucrative market via our TRAK PAK service. Traditionally, retailers have only been able to access Norway by either sending items using untracked mail, with the obvious disadvantages to track and trace visibility, via EPG/UPU Parcel style services where service quality can be variable or via Express Services which are costly.

“In contrast, TRAK PAK offers consumers a choice of delivery options, either to home or a designated collection point, as well as complete end-to end visibility with key tracking events, including the date and time of delivery, captured online.”

Accessing new markets has long been seen as a good way of expanding one’s business but international parcel delivery can be a barrier to trade. P2P’s business model focuses on breaking these barriers and can enable exporters to a specific market acess that market with fewer problems.

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