PaketBriefBox launched on Kickstarter

A new home parcel box has been launched on Kickstarter. The ‘PaketBriefBox’ is designed to take parcels up to 39 x 30 x 13cm and is secure from theft. It can be wall mounted or secured to the floor outside the doorway.

The Germany based company behind it explained its major features:

-Receives deliveries on your behalf and keeps them secured
-Laser-cut and beveled edges
-Sturdy construction made with powder-coated steel sheet
-All-weather protection coating
-Prevents unauthorised access to received parcels through rotating drop-off lid
-Insertion and removal slots located on the front for easy use
-Convenient to install
-Keep valuables protected inside through cylindrical lock

“Online shopping has made our lives easier as we can conduct the whole process from the comfort of our home. But here is a glitch- we have to be personally (or have someone close) present to receive the delivery on the arrival date. And that might not always be feasible for us, especially during the working hours on weekdays. Worse, if the delivery guy doesn’t find anybody to receive the parcel, he will take it back and leave a note saying ‘Recipient not found.’ What would follow then is another prolonged saga of calling the online store’s customer care service, tracking the parcel, and waiting for another week or so to get it back. You can’t guarantee whether you could be available or not on the date of delivery. This is where our PaketBriefbox comes to the rescue”, stated Mr. Rogic, marketing director at PaketBriefbox.

“The new advanced PaketBriefbox will not only store your parcels in your absence but also keep them protected from unauthorised access. The mailbox is manufactured with a powder-coated steel sheet, which makes it resistant to unwanted break-ins. It comes with a rotating drop-off lid that slips down your parcel to a locked area once they are inserted from the top. The locked area is guarded by a cylinder lock and can’t be opened without the designated key. This is to ensure nobody other than the key-holder (you) has access to the parcel removal slot in the mailbox.”

“With #PaketBriefbox we finally, we have someone trusted to receive the deliveries and keep them safe in our absence. At present, we are looking for mass production and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring #PaketBriefbox to life and make online shopping even more comfortable for us.”