Pakettipiste parcel lockers handle 1 million parcels in 2019

Finnish agnostic parcel locker network Pakettipiste has handled one million parcels in the last year. Founded by newspaper and magazine distributors Lehtipiste in 2018, the network follows other agnostic parcel locker networks such as Naerboks in Denmark and Norway in meeting growing demand.

Finnish customers received 49 million parcels in 2018, yet have increasingly gone for the Pakettipiste as a delivery option of choice. Timo Värri, Production and logistics director at Lehtipiste Oy said: “We wanted to create convenience for the Finnish people. And we knew that this meant creating an open network with several logistics providers, so that people have easy access to their parcels and SwipBox has the perfect solution for that. The parcel lockers have worked great and the network has really been welcomed.”

The Pakettipiste network is ‘carrier-agnostic’, allowing a number of delivery companies to leave parcels in its lockers. For those companies using the network, it means a cheaper delivery schedule as they don’t have to drop ‘Sorry we missed you’ cards, and customers don’t have to wait in for their packages as they are free to collect them at their convenience.

The Pakketipiste network uses Swipbox parcel lockers, used in other countries’ Naerboks agnostic parcel locker network. Allan Kaczmarek, CEO of SwipBox: “We know that more and more parcels need to be delivered all over the world – we see that every day. With a partner like Lehtipiste, we can truly ensure that we have a great solution for the Finnish people and it’s a solution that we are very proud of!”

Where parcel lockers are offered they are being used by fast growing numbers of customers. The growth of locker networks globally is covered in depth in our recent report: Global Parcel Shops and Locker Networks: Market Insight Report 2019


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