Pall-Ex sale finalised

Pall-Ex group’s sale to its membership and senior management team has been finalised. Some 70% of the network’s members are now shareholders.

The new ownership company, RUN DMC Investments, created by Dave Fairbrother, Maggie Larimore and Craig Stevens, founder members of Pall-Ex, funded the membership part of the acquisition.

Larimore said: “We are delighted that more than 70% of Pall-Ex’s UK membership will be shareholders and that the senior management have chosen to commit their long-term futures to help us grow.”

RUN D.M.C Investments changed its name at Companies House to Pall-Ex Investments on 26 November.

Pall-Ex group chief executive Kevin Buchanan said: “The senior management have bought into a five-year vision to build Pall-Ex, which is already an outstanding brand, into a market-leading European network.

“We are already in discussion with our international partners to invest further into Pall-Ex Group to deliver an ambitious development programme. We are also actively growing our UK network membership, to further increase our shareholder members within Pall-Ex UK.”


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