Palletforce buys out UK Freight Masters

Palletised distribution services provider Palletforce has bought out the Kent based family owned distribution company Freight Masters to extend its reach in London.

Freight Masters is based in Belvedere in South East London, and provides transport, warehousing and distribution services to its customers in the region.

UK Freight Masters founder David Bland said “I’ve seen many changes in the logistics industry after running a successful business for 25 years, but now it’s time for me to stand down.”

Palletforce will now own and operate the transport and distribution centre, that includes a fleet of 30 vehicles ranging from HGVs to small vans. The move will also enable Palletforce to strengthen its position across the capital and enable it to establish the provision of its express service in a region of the country that experiencing rapid economic growth.

Palletforce CEO Michael Conroy said: “UK Freight Masters has been an important Palletforce member for 11 years, focused on quality and consistently delivering the high levels of service demanded from our members.”

No jobs will be lost initially, and the staff of UK Freight Masters will join Palletforce to continue in support of the growing business.

Palletforce was bought out in 2015 by Cayman Island based financial company EmergeVest, that also has interests in China and the Far East. This enables the company to work in the emerging markets of South East Asia as well as the UK. Such reach of its infrastructure and financial muscle make it a small company that needs to be noticed in the rapidly changing delivery markets of today.