Palletforce looking to get into China

Palletforce sees ‘exciting opportunities’ in China and Asia, according to its CEO Michael Conroy.

Conroy said in a statement that thanks to the size of its owners EmergeVest, Palletforce was able to invest over £65 million last year to build infrastructure and new superhub. This in turn resulted in greater volumes in the UK and EU.

“The unknowns around Brexit mean we have also looked further afield, identifying and investing in some exciting opportunities for Palletforce and its members in China and Asia,” said Conroy. “It is no secret that China holds access to expanding economies and markets, with significant opportunities for both import and export of goods – that is why the prime minister led a trade delegation there recently.

“We want to help give all of our members, big and small, the opportunity to seize the initiative and offer new services to their customers. What we have delivered to our members is a massive differentiator; the modern-day equivalent of the Silk Road, connecting trade and people.

“We have adopted a three-pronged approach to our Asian activities. The first was investment in a new in-house, global freight-forwarding service, which launched last month. That will be followed imminently by a dedicated pallet service to and from China.

“The third strand is the roll-out of the Palletforce model in strategic areas of China. I am writing this from Shanghai where we are formalising the final details and, together with support from EmergeVest and its partners here, it is set to be a truly exciting prospect.”