Palletforce puts improved revenues down to growth strategy

Palletforce has attributed its lately announced record sales revenues and pallet volumes to the successful implementation of its “three-pronged, long-term growth strategy”.

In a statement, Palletforce said: “By creating network capacity with its new SuperHub, investing in new services, technology and people, and attracting quality members, Palletforce has enabled growth for its members and reinforced its position at the forefront of the pallet sector.”

For the financial year ending 30/9/2017, Palletforce reported record revenues of £104.92 million, this up from £96.51 million in 2016.

Palletforce said that the revenue increase was primarily generated by continued growth in pallet volumes, including the enhancement of international trading. This was also bolstered by the expanded SuperHub capacity and additional network input from a growing membership.