Palletways invests £7 million in fleet of HGVs

Palletways UK has bought 64 new branded Mercedes trucks and trailers for the network’s owned depots operations.

The £7 million investment is planned to help meet the coming peak season’s demands as well as growth plans for the next year.

Terry Morris, commercial director of Owned Operations, Palletways UK, said: “This significant group investment provides the best possible experience for our drivers, and importantly equips them with the right tools to provide the right service to their customers as the market changes.  Like most transport companies of our size, drivers are so important to recruit and retain and it’s a big issue across the country.

Currently there is an estimated 60,000 HGV driver shortage, and by 2020 there will be a shortfall of some 150,000 drivers nationwide.

The UK is currently 60,000 HGV drivers short and it’s predicted that by 2020 there’ll be shortfall of 150,000 drivers.

According to Palletways, “Drivers take pride in the vehicles they’re responsible for if the conditions they’re working in are right. They want the most modern, up-to-date vehicles and trailers, so our fleet needs to impress.”

“Some of our owned depots have seen transitions in recent years from independent haulage companies to the Palletways-owned depots they are known as today. New branded vehicles will help to reinforce their standing in their local market and further promote our business across the UK.”