Palletways opens new Bristol hub

Palletways has officially opened its UK regional hub in Bristol. The fifth hub of its kind in the company was formally opened on Friday.

According to Palletways the move ‘reaffirms its commitment to its regional hub model’ and also ‘reinforces the Group’s expansion plans’, as this is the fifth hub operation it has invested in across Europe and the UK in the last year.

The new hub, located near the M5 in Bristol’s Avonmouth industrial zone, will process around 500 pallets every day.

Dave Walmsley, Palletways UK Managing Director, commented: “Palletways firmly believes that the regional hub model for palletised freight represents the future for our industry. There are such clear advantages for members, customers and consumers that the model driven by a centralised distribution will be left behind by those businesses using the regional hub approach.

“Our experience with the regional hub model is that we can provide lower costs for customers through a more localised freight exchange. We can cut trunk distances, fuel use and costs for members. We can deliver improved customer service because we can create the opportunity to collect from customers later in the day. These benefits are on top of our innovative, award-winning approach to tracking and monitoring pallets through our archway scanning technology and digital hub.

“In recent months, we’ve moved record numbers of pallets around the UK and we even broke an industry record last Christmas. The fact that we are attracting new members and winning ever growing numbers of customers highlights just how successful our hub strategy is proving to be.”

Palletways estimates that the new facility will help it to save around 163,000 heavy goods vehicle (HGV) miles a year  – which equates to 100,000 litres of fuel and 300 tonnes of carbon emissions.  
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