Palletways opens up Hungary

The Palletways Group is expanding its reach across Europe to Hungary. Palletways is one of the biggest and fastest growing palletised freight networks in the region.

Pallet transport can now be done between Hungary and all of the countries that Palletways deals with in Europe. To begin with the firm has recruited 11 Hungarian independent transport providers as the basis from which it plans to expand in the country. Cargostar kft, has a strong presence in the Hungarian market, already transporting more than 400 pallets a day.

Under Palletways’ plans, the first central hub in Hungary is to be in Biatorbagy and this will provide a full range of domestic and international services including a domestic next day Premium service across Hungary, Economy service, AM delivery, all with full Track and Trace.

Luis Zubialde, Chief Operating Officer of Palletways Group said: “The last couple of months have been incredibly positive for the Palletways Network as we expand our coverage into four new countries. This presents a fantastic opportunity for Palletways customers and members, who can now deliver to even more destinations across Europe. Hungary is also a rapidly growing market. As the 35th largest exporter in the world, the value of Hungarian exports accounts for 89% of GDP. Our international service will be a crucial element of this new network.”

Earlier this year Palletways announced it was moving into the Nordic region as well, dealing with three countries there as part of its wider European network of pallet transport.