Palmer and Harvey intellectual property up for sale

The intellectual property assets of recently collapsed warehousing and grocery supplies network Palmer and Harvey (P&H) have been put up for sale by Metis Partners on behalf of P&H’s administrators.

The Palmer and Harvey IP assets include a portfolio of registered trademarks including Class 33 which covers alcoholic beverages excluding beers. It also includes the corporate brand, and Class 35 for business management and related items. In addition the IP sale includes Class 29 for meat, fish and poultry and a range of other registered trademarks.

The IP rights in the organisational knowledge, website content and domain name portfolio, and goodwill are also included in the sale.

“This sale will be particularly relevant to companies looking to bolster an IP portfolio in an industry with traditionally high barriers to entry, or those looking for a brand with an acknowledged national reputation,” said Aylin Dzhafer, senior manager of IP valuation at Metis Partners.

The deadline for offers in 7th February.