Palstore targets 3PL

Hixon, Staffordshire based Air & Ground Aviation has announced that it is to move into 3PL logistics using its new brand Palstore as the company attempts to reach beyond its traditional aviation market.

The company has recently completely renovated its warehouse. Director Ian Dodds said: “We wanted to maximise the capability of our storage and logistics services out into the UK, but we felt that the Air & Ground Aviation name is very aviation driven, and could send mixed signals. PalStore is exactly what the service is; Pallet Storage, meaning we can approach a much wider audience.”

The Palstore business worked entirely into the aviation business for many years but it has been rebranded and set up as a separate business. It now offers a tailored approach to storage solutions, as well as picking and packing, and even arranging the transport of goods.

As part of the warehouse refurbishment a climate controlled area was put in that will serve customers with environmentally sensitive goods. The service is now open to all third party businesses.