Panasonic highlights handheld computer failures

Panasonic has published research showing that handheld computing failures are frustrating delivery, warehousing, retail and emergency services personnel across the UK. This has had the impact of organisations losing business.

The Panasonic research shows that on average a handheld computer fails 2.5 times a year and takes 2.6 days to be brought back into service. More than 63% of workers felt that these devices were less reliable than other tech they use.

The report, Handheld Troubles, surveyed 250 workers who used handheld computers for their work. As well as showing the failures, it highlighted some commonly wanted improvements in future systems. Anti-scratch coatings were most popular at 30%, while 28% wanted a hand or shoulder strap and 18% called for heat-reflective coatings.

Jan Kaempfer, general manager of marketing for Panasonic Mobile Solutions Business Division – Europe, said, “It is more critical than ever that technology buyers understand the device design factors that will have the biggest impact on their workforce and their business– ergonomic design, rugged protection and technology differentiators like hot swappable batteries and daylight visible screens.”


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