Panther to deliver Amazon white goods

Amazon has introduced a large and heavy goods white goods delivery service through Panther Logistics in an attempt to enhance the customer experience for those who order such things yet still want fast delivery.

Unlike many of the Prime offerings those ordering from the Heavy and Large programme can nominate a day for delivery, allowing them to plan ahead with confidence – perhaps when moving house for instance.

Under the new service through Panther Logistics, the customer will be kept in touch at every stage. The day before delivery they will be given a text or email, another of of the morning of delivery that will state which two hour slot the white goods will arrive in. The delivery driver will phone shortly before arrival.

Colin McCarthy, Panther’s CEO said: “We are absolutely delighted to be working with Amazon, a forward-looking company, and to providing its customers with a great level of service that that belongs in the 21st century, with speed, responsiveness and transparency.

“No-one wants to wait in for days to take delivery of a sofa or bed so we aim to make delivery process as painless as possible, with two-hour windows advised the day before delivery and total transparency for both Amazon and its customers about the progress of deliveries.

“We have built-in safeguards to our system, for example making it impossible for a crew to proceed to the next job until they follow our procedures by phoning ahead to alert the next customer of their imminent arrival.

“Amazon customers have come to expect seamless delivery for smaller parcels and they will expect nothing less for larger items – that is what we will provide.”