Paragon Software Systems: fleet greening efforts not effective

Despite public pressure, 66% of transport managers believe that not enough is being done to limit greenhouse gas emissions in logistics, according to a survey from Paragon Software Systems. 

Some 75% of those surveyed felt there was increased pressure to tackle emissions. Some 56% felt that one of the biggest pressure to reduce emissions is the cost of fuel to their fleets.

By comparison, 25% felt that the public was dissatisfied with their efforts and 16% felt this was coming from staff.

While lack of effective action is an issue, some 46% of respondents to the Paragon Software Systems survey felt that there had been substantial efforts to reduce emissions in the last financial year, though 21% felt that nothing had been done at all.

William Salter, MD of Paragon Software Systems, said: “The widespread frustration with politicians and big businesses, culminating in protests worldwide during 2019, should act as a wake-up call to climate-polluting industries such as the road transport sector.

“Despite advances in more efficient vehicle technology, emissions omitted by HGVs and vans continue to rise, so much more needs to be done.

“Where positive results were achieved, these were associated with reduced mileage and fuel usage.”