Parcel locker roll-outs and deployments gather pace

Parcel locker

Parcel locker networks are likely to see their strong growth trend continue in 2019.

Lockers are one of most efficient ways of delivering parcels to customers. Multiple studies suggest that they reduce costs for retailers, carriers and consumers, they benefit the environment by reducing the number of trucks on the road, and that they also lead to increases in purcahses from consumers more confident they will receive their delivery. Work by Yorbox suggested that the total benefits available from adoption of a network of open lockers amounted to $40bn for the UK alone. This included $13bn in savings for carriers with 25,000 fewer delivery vehicles required (Yorbox has an interactive model where the assumptions behind these figures can be flexed for different scenarios and territories).

China maintains its lead in parcel locker networks with more units than the rest of the world combined. Almost every new apartment block is built with one, as are office blocks, and there are large networks of Pick Up / Drop Off (PUDO) parcel networks – Alibaba has 50,000 of these while Hive Box now has 150,000.

However, there continue to be interesting developments elsewhere. Recent examples include:
– In Singapore, IMDA, the government agency responsible for e-commerce, announced a pilot for its planned territory-wide open locker network (Disclaimer: Apex Insight advised IMDA on its locker strategy).
– In the US, Neopost paid $100 million to acquire Parcel Pending, the biggest locker provider in the US and Canada.
Posti in Finland rolled out a network of almost 400 locations ready for the 2019 peak.
– Also in Finland, Swipbox has been chosen to roll out to 300 locations on behalf of the retailer, Lehtipiste
– Canadian company SmartONE has partnered with parcel locker company Snaile to develop a network of them in the communities SmartONE serves.

Our two reports on the area provide the full story:
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