Parcel Pro partners with MJSA

UPS Capital company Parcel Pro has agreed a partnership with the Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America (MJSA), where Parcel Pro offers technological solutions and insured shipping to MJSA Premier members.

The US online jewellery sales sector is seeing double digit growth – 24% in 2017 alone. Six out of 10 fastest growing luxury sales websites are jewellery and watch companies. There is a growing market for custom-designed jewellery in the US too. Custom items represent 40% of the $10 billion market. This drives demand for reliable, insured shipping.

“E-commerce retail revenue is expected to top $4.88 trillion by 20213, so it is no surprise we are seeing more luxury goods shipments,” said Parcel Pro President Manuel Valdez. “Our solutions and capabilities will help MJSA members meet the growing needs of their customers whether they’re shipping $1 million or $500 million in goods a year.”

“Our members require safe, secure shipping options—particularly given the high value of jewelry shipments—and MJSA is excited to be partnering with Parcel Pro to meet that need,” said David W. Cochran, MJSA president/CEO.  “Parcel Pro’s international reach, their tools to reduce risk, and their commitment to customer service have earned them a world-class reputation.”

The offering from Parcel Pro to the MJSA includes secure pickup and delivery in key jewellery markets to include New York, LA, and Chicago as well as proactive package monitoring throughout the delivery process; technology resources including web tools for shipping, tracking, APIs, a mobile app, and integration with a Magento® store.

There is also insurance for commercial shipments of up to $150,000 in the US and $100,000 to certain international destinations.

By endorsing Parcel Pro, MJSA provides Premier Members with exclusive rates for insured transportation.  “All of those members rely on us to provide the support and resources needed to help them to grow and to run their businesses efficiently and profitably,” said Cochran.


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