Parcel2Go – “Smart Send”

Parcel2Go has launched a new tool called Smart Send that enables online sellers to import item details ready for delivery and then book orders automatically.

“Because we’re at the forefront of the courier industry, we must constantly innovate to stay ahead,” commented Adam Harris, Managing Director of Comparison Sites at Parcel2Go.

“By investing plenty of time and resource into Smart Send, we’ve been able to bring something that no one else can: a free delivery solution that outmatches even paid alternatives.”

Auto Send is included in the Smart Send tool, which allows users to have deliveries booked automatically based on a set of rules they define.

“Auto Send is arguably the biggest step we’ve made in changing how people send since the Parcel2Go website launched in 2003,” said Harris. “By compiling orders together and notifying a customer when those items are ready to send, it removes all of the admin work that was still taking up valuable time.”
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