Parcelforce moves to allow bigger packages

Keeping up with its competitors in the parcels sector and also chasing trends in e-commerce, it seems that Parcelforce Worldwide is building extra capacity into its infrastructure network. Royal Mail has released a statement saying that Parcelforce is adding ‘significant additional capacity’ to handle and deliver larger parcels around the UK.

Royal Mail says that Parcelforce is responding to customer feedback, that shows there is a significant opportunity in this area but there is increasing demand for a service that can move larger parcels but also that “some delivery operators [have been] reducing the maximum size they will accept into their network”. Where competitors are shutting doors to larger parcels this is an opportunity for the biggest delivery company of all.

“With confidence in e-commerce fuelling demand for larger items,” said Royal Mail, “the additional capacity means that businesses can benefit from having a one-stop solution without the need to use multiple carriers, saving time, money and improving efficiency.”

E-commerce has moved from computer components and smaller items to the very large indeed, including TVs, bikes and large home appliances. Royal Mail’s move signifies a sensible extension of its infrastructure to take advantage of such trends in the sector and Parcelforce stands to benefit should these trends continue. As with every such investment there is a level of risk and speculation and time will tell whether the investment in machinery and manpower is a good one.  
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