Parcelhub releases full Ecommerce Support Service

Multicarrier parcel software solution company Parcelhub has announced it has launched the final part of its logistics support solution for e-commerce businesses.
In a news release Parcelhub said that its Ecommerce Support Service that has been almost two years in development, combines a number of elements that together allow clients to “completely outsource the management of their parcel delivery operation, including customer service, with total transparency”.
The support service builds on the company’s SMART platform that proactively checks scan events across multiple platforms and analyses and interprets delivery data to improve it on an ongoing basis. Now the solution has been improved further with the addition of what Parcelhub refer to as ‘unique real time access for clients’ that effectively give the client complete transparency of the whole operation.
According to Parcelhub: “New software, completely developed and built in-house by experts in delivery and logistics, allows clients to see the number of tickets raised and delivery-related enquiries from end users and their precise nature and status.”
Parcelhub’s Managing Director, Mark Rosenberg, said: “Now we have the final part of our solution in place we are confident that no-one else is offering this level of customer service. Tickets for non-deliveries including “unable to locate” and “bad address” scans are raised automatically so the data can be checked, verified and corrected if required. Enquiries from end users across all channels, including those that come via Amazon and eBay inboxes are logged and actioned as if we are the client and because we have access to all the tracking and delivery data we can respond much faster and more accurately, often solving problems before the client is even aware of the issue.
“The new software allows our eCommerce clients to essentially see behind the scenes of the Parcelhub team working on their behalf to not only view the tickets that have been raised but also see exactly what is being done about them, at any time.”
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