Parcelhub – shipping and tracking possible using new portal

E-commerce parcel delivery platform Parcelhub has announced it is using a single program that is both capable of generating and tracking shipments. This is part of its updated tracking portal.

Connor Taylor, Senior Systems Administrator with Parcelhub, commented: “Customers wanted a unified view of shipping and tracking. This new Portal has allowed us to start giving POD (proof of delivery) reports and will result in better reporting in the future. For customers with multiple accounts, it provides a consolidated view.”

Head of Major Business Projects, Sally Evans, commented: “We are always adapting and upgrading our business processes based on feedback from our system users. This latest update on the existing Web Despatch platform now incorporates new tracking elements, while maintaining the look and feel of the track site.

“The additional provision of the POD request will help customers self-serve, allowing our Customer Services team to continue to focus on carrier delivery issues, where we can add the most value to our customers.”

Parcelhub added that planned developments throughout 2018 include the introduction of new carrier services, e-commerce and customer service platform integrations and compulsory encryption.