ParcelIX – world’s first blockchain delivery service launched

The world’s first blockchain-managed parcel network ParcelIX has launched its first service in beta version. ParcelIX offers one-click access to resolve a number of longstanding problems found in cross-border logistics.

The blockchain platform offers e-commerce and delivery service providers a number of autonomous and collaborative services including real-time sign-in and online interactivity. It connects shippers, logistics service providers, logistics integrators as well as customers in what the company refers to as a ‘well-balanced ecosystem’ that is based on blockchain-guaranteed trust. Consequently there are seamless interactions that ensure optimal security, transparency and traceability of delivery package information.

ParcelX’s Co-Founder and President, Mr Yang Mingyi comments on the ethos of the network: “The vision of ParcelX is to build an open, transparent, beneficial and healthy ecosystem. The system can incentivise excellent service providers with more parcel orders and corresponding settlement rewards. On the contrary, service providers who do not meet the required service levels will be subject to corresponding penalties. Progressively, ParcelX will naturally eliminate those uncompetitive service providers. So, the good ones remain – service providers who can scale and are cost-effective,” said

“If this new model can really resolve one or two pain points, it is definitely worth a try. We can even consider to include it as a feature of our services for e-commerce,” said Mr Cragie Zhou, Product Leader of HangZhou Winner King Technology Ltd. Co. which provides comprehensive service chains for cross-border e-commerce. Mr Guo added: “At the end of October, our team completed the first phase of the beta version of the ParcelX platform. At the same time, we will make updates based on user feedback bimonthly or monthly. I believe that the second phase will have more powerful features.”