Parcelly working with Brixton BID

Parcel drop off company Parcelly has announced it has gone into a new partnership with the London Business Improvement District (BID) Brixton, that extends its “collaboration with local BIDs across London to help tackle the environmental impact of personal parcel deliveries”. This sits neatly with the apparent push by the London Assembly to tackle congestion from parcel vans in the Capital.

Parcelly will now be offered as the main bespoke last-mile solution for local councils, their staff, resident companies and citizens of the area.

Office workers can have parcels sent to a convenient Parcelly location close to their home. This can help reduce the number of delivery vans coming into the centre of Brixton.

Gianluca Rizzo, Brixton BID Operations Manager, commented: “The BID is already delivering a range of benefits to the town centre by providing additional policing, cleaning, and greening. We are now tackling the important issue of air quality. We are aware that Brixton Road is one of the most polluted areas in the Capital and are now putting in place a number of initiatives to improve air quality. The partnership with Parcelly is one of the many steps we are taking to ensure less vehicles drive into Brixton and to avoid congestion.”

Apex Insight has recently reported that the London Assembly is looking at ways of tackling traffic congestion brought about by delivery vans delivering parcels to office workers in London. This might result in an outright ban of the practice, but where companies can go into partnership with the likes of Doddle and Parcelly this may avert the stick by proffering a juicy carrot to the companies involved.

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