ParcelX to open up global logistics network

The world’s first blockchain parcel network ParcelX has announced plans to open up global logistics networks after a crowdfunding campaign.

In the ParcelX crowdfunding campaign, those who buy the VIP service are able to get logistics transportation done between any country in the network.They would however need to choose the route they would most like to use in order for ParcelX to analyse how best to establish the best ecosystem in the countries in the network.

If the crowdfunding users reach the equivalent of USD 100,000, ParcelX will help them achieve the goal of opening up the said route within three months.

Users can also use their purchased VIP services on other cross-border logistics lines. Among them, the shipping routes of Japan and South Korea have been opened – users will be able to utilise them even if the crowdfunding target of USD100,000 is not reached for these locations.

The current crowdfunding event is scheduled for one month and subsequent activities may be revised according to market response. If the sales in the country/region users have selected did not achieve the target amount or due to force majeure , and ParcelX is unable to open up in that location, the full investment amount will be immediately refunded to users.

Mr Guo Shunri, Co-Founder and CEO of ParcelX, says: “This crowdfunding model launched by ParcelX will be an upgraded version. The ultimate goal is to build a complete crowdfunding ecosystem that integrates resources such as capital, capacity and channels. Another goal of this ParcelX’s global project is to build a closer relationship with our users, customers, sponsors and investors so we can move forward collectively.”


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