Patrizia Immobilien creates new pan European logistics division

German company Patrizia Immobilien has created a new division for the pan European logistics property business. The platform, based in Amsterdam, has been established to provide services according to the growing demand in metropolitan areas.

The company has observed that e-commerce has altered the way in which customers make purchases, and this has impacted the way in which retailers and logistics service providers handle products and services and thereby the whole supply chain.

Patrizia Immobilien has hired an expert panel, including including Roger Peters, Arthur Tielens and Octavian Cristea, to help investors invest in specialist logistics properties in Germany and across Europe to meet the new demands imposed by the changing retail environment.

The new division of the company will work into both traditional retail supply chains as well as the e-commerce market. With e-commerce gaining strength annually, the whole logistics environment is changing, and businesses need to re-think their supply chains as a result.