Paul Scratchley to be Jersey Post UK Sales head

Paul Scratchley is to be the new UK Sales Director of Jersey Post. This role will involve strengthening the Jersey Post Group UK presence and will involve tying together existing infrastructure that the postal operator has acquired over the last two years in the UK and other territories.

Scratchley will be focusing on building a range of Channel Island delivery solutions for those UK based retailers, e-tailers and carriers who do not currently send to the islands, or who use another third party or intermediary.

Tim Brown, Jersey Post Chief Executive said, “We are delighted to welcome Paul to the Jersey Post Group. Paul brings over 28 years of industry knowledge and relationships that will support our primary objective for off-island growth, opening up the Channel Islands to a wider range of retailers that are currently unable to establish a delivery solution to reach this group of online shoppers.”

Previously, Scratchley worked at CityLink where he was Head of Strategic Sales. He was Commercial Director at CollectPlus and then CCO at Swishd and Gophr, a role that he retains interests in.

On his appointment, Paul stated, “Jersey Post is an amazing business, looking after its responsibilities as a postal authority to the people of Jersey, but at the same time, divesting into a global network to support the growing global online community, offering delivery solutions to match the requirements and needs of retailers, but as importantly, the needs of their customers too. I’m excited at the challenge ahead and look forward to working with major UK retailers to offer their products and services to the 160,000+ people of the Channel Islands, as well as the global retail community in their continued search for new and emerging markets.”