PayPoint releases Inventory Scan for StoreScan

PayPoint has unveiled a new feature for its Collect+ StoreScan called Inventory Scan. This allows retailers to scan any parcel in their store to identify expired parcels more easily. This can be done via OCR or barcode and is intended to help audit parcel flow.

Collect+ StoreScan was launched last December and is intended to help retailers process parcels more quickly and easily from their mobile device. This means that the retailers can use their mobile device and not PayPoint hardware. For larger / heavier parcels this means they don’t have to be carried to the PayPoint device but rather the smartphone or tablet brought to the parcel.

The Inventory Scan feature is designed to make life easier for retailers, with simple colour-coding and a phone vibration alert to help identify expired parcels.

Lewis Alcraft, Chief Commercial Officer for PayPoint, commented: “It’s important to us that we continue to innovate and enhance the range of services we offer to our convenience retail partners. By listening to feedback given by retailers, we’re delighted to be able to add a new feature to the StoreScan app which not only helps retailers to manage their parcels but also helps them to offer an efficient counter service to their customers. Inventory Scan is just the latest benefit-led feature to improve efficiency in their stores.”


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