PayPoint speeds up retailer parcel handling process

Supporting its retail clients, PayPoint has launched a predictive text solution for parcel barcodes to speed up the process. 

Manual entry is done when the barcode won’t scan. Designed to reduce the time spent by retailers keying in the barcodes manually, the feature automatically completes the code when enough digits have been entered to trigger recognition.

The barcodes in question can be between 11-16 digits long according to which carrier the parcel is for. The system allows for as few as three manually typed characters before it auto-fills the rest of the barcode.

Gary Winter, parcels director at PayPoint, said, “The launch of predictive text for parcels is just one of the many ways we are continuing to innovate and transform the services we offer to our convenience partners. Not only will this feature help retailers to manage their parcels more efficiently, but it will also lead to a reduction in customer waiting times.”


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