Paysera launches carrier agnostic parcel lockers

Lithuanian Fintech company Paysera is launching a new, carrier agnostic parcel locker network in the country. 150-200 parcel lockers are to be installed at first, with plans for more in the coming years.

The off-grid parcel lockers have solar panels for power and reserve batteries. They are built to withstand harsh winters too. “Lockers are usually installed near big supermarkets or stores since they need electricity to operate. However, our parcel lockers do not require electricity and instead are powered by solar energy and, therefore, can be located in public locations, residential areas, or other places where there are no other storage facilities available, such as children’s playgrounds, parks, or at a roadside. This makes the lockers very mobile and easy to install with few demands to their physical location. As a result, they can easily change their purpose and become a storage facility at a music festival or a beach,” says Kostas Noreika, the main shareholder of Paysera.

The Paysera parcel locker network is to to be open to all carriers. Any parcel delivery company can deliver to or pick parcels up from them. “From the perspective of delivery companies, the last mile is by far the most expensive part in the logistics chain. So we are ready to provide delivery companies with access to the areas where there are no parcel lockers whatsoever. This way, we will help delivery companies to make last-mile deliveries as cost-effective as possible,” says K. Noreika.

So far, Paysera has signed up one carrier – Itella – but says it is in negotiations to work with others.

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