PD Ports agrees with other ports to boost Northern economy

PD Ports, a UK port company, has entered into an agreement with other ports around the UK to improve freight and transport links in the North.

PD Ports is a logistics company that carries out operations in Teesport, Humber and Hartlepool, and is engaged in regular roundtable discussions with ABP Ports, Peel Ports and the Port of Tyne.

All four ports have signed a pact to pursue a Northern Ports Strategy that will create new jobs in and around ports, as well as boosting investment in an East-West Freight Supercorridor for the improvement of rail infrastructure.

PD Ports development director Geoff Lippitt said of the deal, “These are going to be changing economic times for the whole of the UK therefore it’s important that the North and Northern ports are seen as a progressive body to drive through that change.

“We at PD Ports have always been at the forefront of developing economic growth through our investments and this complements what we are already achieving locally, regionally and nationally.”

IPPR North, the independent think tank, published a report recently that made a number of recommendations to develop port growth strategies focusing on opportunities in established, developing and emerging industry clusters, energy and logistics.

It has also recommended to establish Northern ports, freight and logistics association for strategic co-operation within the sector, in addition to creating Northern maritime knowledge hub.

In addition, it suggested the government to support modal shift from road to rail and to coastal feedering and significantly reduce costly and inefficient North-South lorry movements.

IPPR North director Ed Cox said: “Britain was a trading nation long before the European Union was ever thought of, and that fact will not change despite the Brexit vote.”