Penso Blue Ocean van bodies can deliver more goods

UK based engineering firm Penso has developed an ultra-lightweight commercial vehicle body to reduce carbon emissions in the supply chain.

Penso’s commercial vehicle bodies for 3.5 tonne vans have been developed to help fleets reduce their carbon footprint, driver shortages, together legislation, alternative fuels and increasing customer demand.

The idea behind the the Penso Blue Ocean Home Delivery Pods is to allow the vehicle to carry the same weight of goods in two journeys that a traditional van can deliver in three. These come in temperature-controlled and dry van configurations.

An aerodynamic design improved functionality, the use of carbon fibre and recycled plastic, compatibility with diesel, electric and hybrid chassis, plus a 10-year structural warranty offer huge efficiency savings.

Production will start with two models, an e-Grocery Pod for supermarket deliveries and an e-Delivery Pod based on a Luton van.

Penso will offer 30 different pods built across different wheelbases and vehicle platforms.

Daniel Hurcombe, managing director of Penso, said, “We’ve started volume production this month, following extensive prototype testing, and we already have an order book with household-name fleets for several hundred vehicles to be built this year. Our new facility is designed to build up to 10,000 pods per annum, and the plan is to ramp up production steadily over the next five years.”