Peoplevox launches warehouse management study

Peoplevox, a warehouse management system (WMS) provider is to partner with the Scurri carrier management platform to launch a global market study that looks at the future of e-commerce warehouse management.

According to Peoplevox, “The 2017 E-Commerce Fulfilment Report” will look to “identify key future trends in the usage and deployment of warehouse management systems over the next five years, as well as provide new insights and solutions to the growing e-commerce fulfilment challenges facing online retailers”.

The scope of the research will include: businesses’ current plans for WMS installations; their level of integration with order processing, marketplace and carrier platforms; the implications of adopting new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics; through to the challenges of managing business expansion, customer service, planned and unplanned peak demand, product returns, and ever shorter delivery timescales.

Jonathan Bellwood, Founder and CEO of Peoplevox, commented: “By learning and analysing what e-commerce retailers and their warehouses around the world are planning over the next few years, our market study will help Peoplevox, and e-commerce solutions providers generally, to more accurately predict and preempt their future operational challenges and requirements. This will ensure scalable, fit-for-purpose solutions are available to e-commerce retailers for growing their profits while at the same time delivering first-class customer service.”

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