Poczta Polska makes it cheaper to send parcels

The Polish postal operator Poczta Polska has announced new weight categories for its parcels that will mean, “those most commonly chosen by customers will be even cheaper”.

For parcels weighing up to 5kg, Poczta Polska now has three weight categories: up to 0.5kg; up to 2kg; and 2kg to 5kg. What this means in practice is that there are now cheaper rates for the lighter parcels.

Paweł Kopeć, the Sales Managing Director at Poczta Polska, said: “Polish citizens usually send light parcels, and most products bought on the Internet also do not weigh much. In order to meet the customers’ expectations we decided to make our offer even more flexible. Sending a parcel weighing 0.5 kilo will now cost only PLN 8.50. We want our customers to pay for what they really send, not for the air.”

Poczta Polska’s new price will come into effect on 1 October. More details are available on the Poczta Polska website: http://www.poczta-polska.pl .

In addition, Poczta Polska has also announced that it has broadened its international shipping offering.

“Using the GLOBAL Express service, you can send parcels to as much as 40 countries, including China from October,” said Poczta Polska. “Recently we have also introduced the possibility to ship to Malaysia, Serbia, Greece, Norway and Cyprus. Shipments are tracked along the entire route. The customer receives a text message or email with an adequate notification as soon as the shipment reaches the selected POS.”

Competition for e-commerce parcels is fierce and a potential saviour for national postal operations who are suffering with plummeting mail volumes. This move is a grab for the market, something essential for Poczta Polksa’s long term success.

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