Poczta Polska to take over a German delivery firm?

There are reports that the Polish postal operator Poczta Polska is looking at a takeover of a German delivery company, though none has been specifically named.

The plan that Poczta Polzka apparently has is to use the takeover bid to allow for cross border shipments.

This is by no means a done deal as Germany has a very competitive delivery market that is heavily dominated by the global logistics giant Deutsche Post DHL. This might be the reason behind the Polish postal operator being quiet when approached to discuss the plans.

Industry observers have noted that even while the state postal operator in Poland, Poczta Polska still ranks 4th in terms of market share in its own country. German rival DHL is the second biggest player in Poland while French owned DPD is the lead parcel carrier in Poland, with even US owned UPS ranking above the home carrier.

Naturally, Apex Insight will report any moves that take place when Poczta Polska break cover and make an attempt to break into its neighbouring country’s parcel delivery sector.