Poczta Polska trials Swipbox parcel lockers

Polish postal operator Poczta Polska is using the carrier agnostic parcel locker network Swipbox.

In Poland there are only 150 Swipbox parcel lockers in Biedronka stores nationwide, though there are plans to expand the Danish owned network.

Michał Czechowski, Managing Director of SwipBox Polska, said:  “SwipBox is helping to address the demand for automated parcel delivery service points in Poland, as the demand has increased in the last few years. Parcel locker solutions are not only popular due to the convenience for customers, but they also help to reduce the costs of delivery. These factors benefit the entire e-commerce market in Poland. We are very pleased that we can expand the network of parcel lockers in Poland in collaboration with Poczta Polska, giving the market the freedom to select their preferred delivery solution.”

Poczta Polska is investing in last mile delivery, with a market potential estimated to be in the region of 1 billion Zlotys per year. The postal operator plans to double its revenue in this area by 2023.

“Poczta Polska is the only Polish courier and logistics company operating in Central and Eastern Europe. Poczta Polska relies on modern solutions that will optimise deliveries, and with SwipBox as a partner, the optimisation of the first and last mile of delivery is a natural next step to improve the services even further,” says Przemysław Sypniewski, President of the Management Board of Poczta Polska S.A.

Initially Swipbox is to provide up to 200 parcel lockers through Biedronka stores and post offices with a view to expansion should there be success.

“We currently have nearly 150 parcel lockers in our stores. The expansions in the key locations will grant more Biedronka customers the opportunity to use the parcel pick up service during daily shopping. We can see that the popularity of the parcel locker solution is increasing among our customers, as it is very convenient and saves time,” says Michał Szlęzak, Senior Manager, Real Estate Department at Biedronka, which is owned by Jeronimo Martins.


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