Polestar re-imagines last-mile delivery vehicle

Volvo-owned electric car manufacturers Polestar are participating in an electric last mile delivery vehicle design project called Re:Move.

Re:Move is a ground-up re-imagination of the urban last mile delivery vehicle. With a payload of up to 275kg it is a three-wheeled ‘sled’ with electric power that is designed to be small enough for bike lanes. The design team say that this is a new vehicle category – neither EV van nor e-cargo-bike.

Lead designer Konstantin Grcic said, “The horizontal platform and the vertical shield are something you don’t see in vehicle design. This is how you’d build a table or a shelf. I think the simplicity and directness, the pragmatism, are nice. Good design has always been sustainable because it’s lasting. Things that have a long lifecycle are sustainable.”

“This is only the beginning,” added Polestar CEO, Thomas Ingenlath. “The electric drivetrain is only the first step. Then we have to look at the whole supply chain and what materials we design with. This is so much more exciting than the last 20 years, when designers were just making things pretty.”

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