Post Danmark to scrap next day and Saturday deliveries

Post Danmark is to deliver only during weekdays, and to scrap its first class “A letter” service. Danish MP’s voted for the proposals last night.

Currently the Danish postal operator offers two services, the “A letter” for next day delivery and “B Letter” service that usually gets mail delivered within three working days. Under the new proposals post throughout the Danish postal network will only go at one speed – within five working days of posting.

MPs also voted to scrap Saturday deliveries, which means that there will only be mail deliveries five days a week.

Market forces are behind the reduced Post Danmark mail service – as is happening globally, postal volumes in Denmark in sharp decline and in order to keep the postal service viable at any level, it needs to cut costs to reflect its use.

Other national postal operators have invested heavily in e-commerce and this demands even faster delivery. Royal Mail has notably even invested in same day parcel delivery services through acquisitions, where once same day mail delivery was possible in the heyday of postal delivery – all you needed to do was post First Class in the morning to have it delivered in the afternoon or evening. Though the decline of the Post Danmark service is reflective of good economic thinking, perhaps investment in better services would have brought about better business for the postal operator? Democracy has had its say and the death knell of the postal operator may follow in fairly short order…