POST Luxembourg joining DHL Parcel Europe network

POST Luxembourg has joined the DHL Parcel cross border delivery network.

Under the deal, POST Luxembourg is to be part of the DHL Parcel Europe Network and the official partner of Parcel Connect service in its home country.

In a statement, Deutsche Post DHL said: “Initially, the services offered will only cover delivery of parcels from Europe to Luxembourg (import). The cooperation with POST Luxembourg will allow the DHL Parcel Europe network to benefit from improved transit times to Luxembourg and to gain access to the country’s largest network of service points and parcel stations.”

In a second phase, POST Luxembourg will also offer export services from Luxembourg (Parcel Connect Export).

“With POST Luxembourg as a new strategic partner, we are able to offer a service for Luxembourg that is even better tailored to the needs of B2C e-commerce customers,” said Achim Dünnwald, CEO of DHL Parcel. “This extends our proven ‘Parcel Union’ partnership model to ten partners in 14 countries, in its third year of existence. In other markets too, we are continuing to work on gaining ‘local heroes’ as partners and on expanding our harmonized Parcel Connect service throughout Europe.”

Hjoerdis Stahl, Deputy Managing Director of POST Luxembourg and Director of POST Courrier, added: “On average, around 9,000 parcels from Europe arrive at our national sorting center. Thanks to Parcel Connect, we are able to offer our customers an even better service and hope to further increase this volume,” she continues. “The cooperation with DHL Parcel, and as a member of the DHL Parcel Europe network, also emphasizes the positioning of POST Luxembourg in the logistics area, in which we see good opportunities for growth.”

With today’s announcement, 26 countries now belong to the DHL Parcel Europe network.