POST Luxembourg to use Zebra mobile computers

Delivery staff working for POST Luxembourg have been equipped with Zebra Technologies TC75X touchscreen mobile computers.

Zebra Technologies say that the TC75X has improved communication, reliability and access to the crucial information the workers need in real time. The Luxembourgois postal operator is also using the new equipment’s processor and improved operating system to develop in-house apps and services.

POST Luxembourg will use the TC75X to run software, developed in partnership with Atos Luxembourg PSF & NEOFACTO Luxembourg, which will give its delivery workers “better, faster and more intuitive means to track and deliver packages”.

Romain Mousel, Business IT, POST Luxembourg, commented: “Our biggest priority when looking to upgrade our mobile computers was ensuring our field teams were given the technology they needed to perform their jobs efficiently. The TC75 emerged from our testing process as the most suited to our needs today, but also impressed us with its potential for the future. As we continue to expand the services we offer to our wide range of customers, we look forward to exploring new ways these devices can support our remote workforce.”