Post Office – 7,000 POs modernised

The UK’s Post Office Group reports that it has now modernised 7,000 retail units as part of the organisation’s ongoing transformation programme.

Marking the ‘milestone’, Chief Executive Paula Vennells visited the Wheatley Post Office in Oxfordshire on Friday.

“Since it commenced over four years ago the Post Office’s Network Transformation programme has continued at pace, at its peak modernising 10 branches a day,” according to a Post Office statement. “Over 1700 new retailers have joined the thousands of other small businesses which operate a Post Office branch alongside their retail business.”

Vennells said of the programme, “The Post Office network is made up of thousands of small businesses that are vital to the health of their local economy. High street retail is a challenging sector, and our partnerships don’t just help to secure Post Office services to communities everywhere, they support these businesses and others around them to become more sustainable and to thrive.

“We’re proud to be investing alongside small businesses and our partner retailers to ensure that postal services, banking and other essential services remain accessible to all – and building our collective reputation for great customer focus and service.”

In other Post Office news, it has recently announced an industry wide agreement with UK banks that allows 99% of personal bank customers as well as 75% business customers to do their day to day banking at any Post Office branch.

The Post Office’s drive to build up its network of retail outlets is in-line with global industry trends but – as previously reported – the postal unions have raised concerns about the future of the Crown Office network.  
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