Post Office extends HSBC services

The UK Post Office network is to offer services to HSBC Business customers. This will extend the reach of HSBC to the Post Office’s 11,500 branches across the UK.

HSBC Business customers will be able to pay in cash, withdraw funds and check account balances in the Post Office network around the UK.

The Post Office network has been offering services to partner banks’ customers around the UK since 2002. For example, it had offered the service to Alliance & Leicester customers for many years but recently the offer has been extended to all of Santander’s customers since it bought Alliance & Leicester out in 2008.

This benefits the client banks and the Post Office alike. Client banks can do business with their customers in even remote rural locations where they may not have branches, while the Post Office takes a fee for every transaction it does for the banks.

Group Director for Financial Services at the Post Office said, “HSBC personal customers can already use their local Post Office for their day-to-day banking needs. We are delighted to extend our successful partnership with HSBC to their business customers as well. With its extensive branch network open longer and many on Sundays, the Post Office will make it easier for all HSBC’s customers to access banking services across the UK.”

HSBC Head of Commercial Banking UK, Ian Stuart said: “The extension of our partnership with Post Office has broadened the range of channels available to our business customers to access banking services. Customers with business debit cards can now access a number of important services at Post Office counters, including cash deposits, cash withdrawals and balance enquiries.”

The new services have been rolled out across the UK and customers of HSBC Business can get their banking done as of today (Monday 7 December).