Post Office open a million extra hours over Christmas

The UK Post Office has said that its network of UK branches are to collectively provide one million more opening hours over the coming festive season.

The Post Office has been running a modernisation programme and its branches are now open for an extra 220,000 hours a week (a total of one million hours over the season) and this is up by 50% on 2015.

The Post Office has released a statement that says “To help with the festive rush, hundreds of ‘Christmas makers’ will be working in branches over the coming weeks to assist customers with their preparations.

“In addition to the extra people on hand, the Post Office has introduced another 14 mobile Post Offices to its fleet this year, improving services to 80 rural communities across the UK.”

Kevin Gilliland, Group Network and Sales Director at Post Office said: “Many of our 7,000 modernised branches are open from early in the morning and late into the evening seven days a week, making it more convenient to visit. One million extra opening hours is just the start of our Christmas effort, over 55,000 people in our 11,600 branches are on hand to help the millions of customers who will visit in the run up to Christmas.”

In a competitive market, access to delivery services is a key means of getting the business. Improved opening hours at Post Offices will extend the availability of Royal Mail to customers around the UK and thereby vastly improve its competitiveness in a market keen to tackle its dominance.
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