Post Office to contact all prosecuted under Horizon scandal

The UK Post Office is to contact all those prosecuted under the Horizon scandal to help them appeal their convictions. This follows a review of all relevant prosecutions since 1999, done by criminal law specialists Peters & Peters Solicitors LLP.

So far, 45 convictions have been quashed that were related to the Horizon computer system’s false data that led to the largest miscarriage of justice in UK legal history. A large number (mostly postmasters) remain to be considered by the Court of Appeal. All prosecutions were made by the Post Office, which has since desisted its private prosecutions – instead relying on other law enforcement authorities.

A Post Office spokesperson said: “The Post Office sincerely apologises for serious historical failures. We continue to take determined action for people affected.

“In addition to full co-operation with the CCRC’s review, Post Office has made strenuous efforts to identify individuals who were historically convicted and an extensive post-conviction disclosure exercise is taking place to identify and disclose all material which might affect the safety of those convictions.”

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