Post Office workers to strike on Christmas Week

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) has announced that UK Post Office workers are to stage five days of strikes over Christmas Week.

The CWU released a statement yesterday that said, “Commencing Monday 19th December and including Saturday Christmas Eve, thousands of Post Office workers will be walking out on strike from workplaces across the country.”

The walkout over Christmas Week is to follow ‘Days of Action’ that took place earlier in December as well as in October and November.

Saying why the union has called the strike, CWU assistant secretary Andy Furey said: “Our members want the Post Office management to pause its closure and privatisation programme, hold off on its planned pensions changes, and commit to sitting down with us and with the other key stakeholders of this Great British institution and, together, construct a lasting vision.”

While the strike action affects Crown Post Offices, none of the 11,000 other post offices will be affected. This has lead the Post Office to comment to the effect that most people in the UK will be unaffected by the strike action, as only relatively few post offices will have people on strike. This is because most post offices are adjuncts to other businesses and are run by owner operators. The self-employed usually find it very difficult to engage in strike action…

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